Prospect Dugout is building a list of qualified instructors to use their knowledge and skills to teach youth players in our baseball and softball events across the country. Instructors must have their own brand identity on Instagram or Facebook, and have current monthly clients in their home location, among other criteria.

Each event will be a Prospect Dugout event, but will highlight specific "lead" instructors to be the face of the event. Official instructors can use this to help promote your own events locally.

Official instructors will bid on specific dates throughout the year to be the "lead" instructor. This is a paid position, plus our official instructors will benefit from marketing through Prospect Dugout media channels.

How does it work?

  • Prospect Dugout builds a calendar of events across the country.
  • Official instructors will be able to "bid" on dates to be a "lead instructor". A "bid" is a first-come, first-served request to be a lead instructor at an event.
  • Each specific event will have 4 "lead" instructors to highlight the event.
  • Lead instructors are paid and are responsible for any additional coaching help.

If you'd like to apply to be an Official Instructor for the Prospect Dugout event circuit, fill out the form below

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if you are a former baseball player, please include a link to your page.
Basically your resumé and why we should hire you. Also tell us about your brand/business.