Each year millions of amateur baseball players miss out on playing college baseball because they aren’t getting enough or the right exposure. In-person showcases are necessary, but also costly, and finding the right one to attend for your skill level is a difficult task. Even if you attend 4-5 per year, there is too much downtime in-between, and coaches and scouts lack context on potential players. Our app puts players in charge of their exposure day by day, a much needed compliment to their in-person showcase attendance.

Prospect Dugout was created by former walk-on college teammates Craig Maddox (@craiq_maddox) and Joel Hartman (@harty02) with the mission of helping amateur baseball players get free exposure on their journey to the next level. Millions of players across the country and around the world fall through the cracks every year due to lack of exposure because they can't afford to attend costly showcases, events, and tournaments. As we set out on the journey of building the Prospect Dugout app, we took to social media to build brand recognition: since January 2016, we have organically grown to over 237,000 followers worldwide on Instagram, reaching 1 million unique users each week, and our posts are seen nearly 40 million times each month, providing great awareness for a large pool of players. The concept of digital exposure through Prospect Dugout has largely caught on: we receive hundreds of emails and messages every week from players (youth to MLB) seeking exposure through our brand specifically. There's only so many posts we can put up on Instagram, but through the app, players will be in control of their own exposure. Because of our brand recognition and popularity, coaches and scouts trust Prospect Dugout as a reputable place to search for and find players. 

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A little more about Craig and Joel:

Being average high school players, we didn't get any offers from colleges of any level, and finally found a home in Lakeland, FL. From there, we helped our school to its first ever national title, winning the NCCAA D2 championship in 2005 with Southeastern University.

After college, we both went on to play professionally at some level, and got involved coaching at the youth level in the offseason. Craig is still currently playing in the Atlantic League, and Joel coaches at the high school level.

Spending time working with youth and high school players, and from our personal careers, we are familiar with the long road behind becoming a collegiate athlete. With millions of players across the country, there had to be a way for players to get seen beyond attending showcases.

The idea behind Prospect Dugout was to level the playing field when it came to exposure by creating a mobile app for players to upload all of their daily workouts and information. Too many players miss out on getting seen because of various reasons, but with Prospect Dugout, all you need is some practice or game footage, and a profile on the Prospect Dugout network.